How do podcast apps maintain the list of podcasts and podcast episodes? - podcast

I use a third party podcast app called Overcast and I was curious how it gets the list of podcasts and episodes available, as my understanding is that it is difficult to get from iTunes. Is there a service that provides this information? I am assuming they would not maintain it themselves manually.

Overcast likely does not reference iTunes at all. When they learn about a new podcast, they can add the RSS feed to their database of podcasts. That RSS feed tells any subscribers (who are using iTunes, Overcast, and any other podcast apps) what episodes are available to download.


Getting started with SDL Tridion [closed]

Can anyone suggest links, videos, or code samples to get started with the SDL Tridion Web Content Management System?
There's quite a few tutorials on Tridion World, but to learn the real basics I'd have to recommend taking the developer trainings.
Tridion World Tutorials
Keep in mind that Tridion uses a decoupled CM and CD architecture, where you pre-render static content at publish time, and use dynamic code (JSP/ASP.NET/XSLT) for your runtime/dynamic content. It has an immense set of APIs, and very extensive documentation.
This post by John Winter is probably a good start.
Tridion is licensed product so its rare to see people posting code samples on Tridion... :(
But there are some blogs which may helpful for you at least to start with...
The developer community is posting more content.
The Tridion developer site (different than the main corporate and marketing site) also has examples and primers from setup to templates:
The system is also programmable, so beyond the basic Web content management part, Tridion offers ways to program against an event system or customize the GUI.
To really get started, it'd help to be with or join a company that's using it. :-)
You can now find all Tridion Blogs in one place at

How robotized chats are made?

I find some websites, which provides: "Lawyer robot" where you can ask questions, and fill dome forms. I want to ask how they ate made?
Is there are usually used some chatbots or chatops engines, (as example: HUBOT)?
Also is it possible to make such, which can communicate in different than English language? Haven't find any information about this.
Chatbots are a trend right now and they can be made with different technologies like HUBOT as you stated or from scratch with any programming language you would like. But the bots made this way will mostly handle the initial steps like connecting to specific channels like Slack, FB Messenger and IRC, receiving some messages and executing some scripts or commands based on some logic.
The real magic that makes the robots think and really understand languages requires computational power and a big amount of data to learn from. Enter the cloud bot platforms (I just made up this name). They are AI cloud platforms using Machine Learning specialized on language recognition, conversation, natural language, speech to text, tone analyzer, visual recognition, etc, that makes your bot smarter, able to handle much more than the initial get some commands from the chat and execute some scripts.
Some that I know of are:
IBM Watson Still in beta.
All of them are paid but offer a free plan so you can get started.
I believe that IBM Watson has is the most developed by now, having many different features including translation for English to Arabic, French, Portuguese for Spanish most of them.
If you want to get started I would suggest the following two articles. I've tried them myself and it's understand and dream about the possibilities:
How to build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot in 10 minutes
Build a chat bot in ten minutes with Watson
Also take a look at these sample applications made with Watson:
Enhanced Conversation Demo
Cognitive car demo
I've recently embarked on this learning curve:
I'm currently looking at the following two platforms:
Motion AI
API.AI - Owned by google, and very easy to use.
I'm not sure about different languages as I've only built for English, but check out their documentation.

Get update informations for all CMS systems [closed]

Is there a source (website, rss feed, mailing list or any kind of service) that informs about updates for multiple CMS systems? I basically need the update infos for Wordpress, Joomla!, OpenCart, Magento and so on. It's kind of frustrating to check every CMS vendors websites or subscribe to multiple mailing lists for core / security updates.
Thanks for any suggestions and informations in advance!
I am not aware of such a source but assuming there are suitable RSS feeds for each of the updates you are interested in, then you could use a free RSS aggregator service to aggregate the feeds into one.
E.g. For Joomla you would need:

Is there a Library for Song detection like Shazzam and Soundhood? [closed]

does somebody know a library (language does not care) for song recognition like the Services provided by Shazzam and Soundhood?
Best Regards,
Yes. offer an online API for this. IIRC they're working in collaboration with (a huge, open music database) to gather acoustic fingerprints on the musicbrainz catalogue. Both have a comprehensive selection of open source tools on github related to this activity. You can download your own fingerprinting server (and, once again IIRC) get all the fingerprints too.
This is a large and complex project that will require you to have a lot of knowledge in different areas. See this wikipedia article for more information.

Newsstand free subscriptions

I'm developing app - it is custom offline feed reader. I's completely free, so I do not need any subscriptions. I want to use some newsstand features and I already draw amazing icon for newsstand:) What should I do? Is any workarounds about this issue? May be some "fake" free subscription?
Another issue - when I tried to publish app with only one free subscription, I failed. Is that normal?
Your completely correct you can have free subscriptions, iTunes connectly clearly states you can have free subscriptions.
If you want to use Urban airship this guide should help you out, and give you the perfect guide as to what you are actually looking for.
Search First Glimpse magazine. It is a free magazine that populates in News Stand. Also, that publishing company has more free content