Sample Bundle for Akeneo 2.1.x - bundle

I have installed akeneo 2.1.4 in my local and now have to create a sample bundle. It will have a list page, create form with three fields, save the data to table and option edit/delete the data from database.
I have searched it everywhere, not getting a proper document to create a sample bundle.


Using a package file type with NSPersistentDocument

I am creating a document-based application and I want to use NSPersistentDocument. My document will have several image assets and I would like to avoid saving the assets in the database directly. What I want is to have a package as my document type, and within it have Core Data file as well as my image assets. Then, in Core Data I would save paths to the image assets.
However when I subclass NSPersistentDocument, it seems to want to use the document file for the actual Core Data file, and I don't get the opportunity to employ a package solution.
Is it possible to use a package with NSPersistentDocument? If not, is there a preferable architecture to use? I want to stick with Core Data for this project. Thanks!

SSIS package to upload escel where user will be presented with a file picker window to choose file to be uploaded

I have a requirement wherein I will be executing an SSIS package from a command button on an MS Access front end. The requirement is to present a file picker window which will let user choose file to be uploaded and then once chosen it should be inserted into table in SQL Server.
Kindly let me know if this option can be made available in the package.
No, you cannot make this option available in an SSIS package.
The way I have handled this in the past is to write a .net application that uses the file picker to let the user choose the file, and then stores the user's filename/path in a table, and launches a job that calls the SSIS package, which gets the filename/path from the table, and then uploads that file.
I assume you can do the same with a MS Access front end, but I am not an Access expert.

MS Access .Net Add-In - how to install / call on dependent template files

I am looking for advice on deploying my first .Net add in.
The add in is simply a ribbon button that is active when a certain MS Access application is loaded. The button takes info from a loaded form and creates an email based on the form's control values.
To accomplish this, I use
A MS Word template (existing resource)
An XML data dump (created dynamically)
An XSLT transformation file (existing resource)
I would like the add in to install these resources locally on the client, and reference them when needed.
So how can I get these template files deployed as part of my project into a directory of my choosing?

create symfony1.2 existing project new module?

If i create new module in existing project the table is not create and display in command line Application frontend not exist message display
not sure i understand properly your problem; when you create a module, it doesn't create a table (i.e. a database table); it only creates a directory within the modules/ folder of your app (for example frontend/modules); within this directory, it creates an actions folder containing the actions.class.php file, as well as a templates module.
When you want to alter your database, it depends whether you're working with propel or doctrine.
For example, using Propel, what you do is :
you update your tables and columns definitions in config/schema.yml;
you run the following scripts :
symfony propel:build-model (creates the classes);
symfony propel:build-forms (creates the forms related);
symfony propel:build-filters (creates the filters);
symfony propel:build-sql (creates the new complete SQL file, with the new tables);
symfony propel:insert-sql (process the SQL file in your DB — Be aware that it overrides your actual database; if you already have data you wish to save, i recommend that you manually add the tables in your database).

How to import existing mdf file into a lightswitch project?

I would like to copy table definitions from an existing database file into a new lightswitch project, does anyone know how to do that, it seems like you can only create a new database from scratch or attach an external database, but when i try to attach an external mdf file from another VS project I get an error which states: CREATE DATABASE Permission denied in database 'master'.
Any ideas about how to copy the table definitions from an existing database file into a lightswitch project?
If you have the external database attached on an instance of SqlServer, you shouldn't have no problem attaching to it from LightSwitch. From that point on, you can rename tables and columns, change datatypes etc, as well as adding more tables and structures to that DB.
Note that the DB is supposed to be served from a SqlServer instance, not a file on your file system.
As far as I know it can't be done. Lightswitch holds a representation of the database tables separate from the actual database definition. You can probably go the other way however because when the ApplicationDatabase.mdf file does not exist you can start Lightswitch (you will notice the table definitions are still in there) and then build the app which will recreate your ApplicationDatabase.mdf. It is empty of course but If you could find out where lightswitch stores those table definitions (an *.xaml file somewhere?) you might be able to get those copied into your project and then generate the ApplicationDatabase.mdf from there?