Response from Uber - responsive-design

I am trying to integrate one of my application to Uber. I am able to do this. My query is how I can get response from Uber whether my booking is successful or not. Please help on this. I will be needing this urgentky.
Thanks in advance ...


how to get client UUID from Register page? in c#

hello every senior of the profession:
I am searching for a long time on net. Please help or try to give some ideas how to achieve this.
I want to record uuid/guid of client's computers when they registe on the gameweb or loggin in gameplatform.
Thanks in advance.

Twitter bot that checks for a specific users tweets C#

This is my first attempt at writing a bot. What I am trying to do is to have the bot check for a tweet but a specific person and look for one of 2 key words that they have tweeted. My preferred language is C#. Any help with how exactly I can go about this and/or links to appropriate articles/tutorials will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance...

How to get my facebook bot to see what the user has “Liked” using his profile?

This is my first question at stackoverflow, so kindly excuse me if I am not following a standard format.
I have created a facebook bot using different APIs (IMDB, Goodreads, CNN etc.) using Node.js, but the conversations with the users are very precise. I was hoping if there is any way I can use my bot to see what the user has "liked" using his profile so that my bot can talk about those subjects to keep the conversation going.
Has anyone of you implemented anything like this? Kindly share your thoughts and procedure how I can achieve this.
Also, I will highly appreciate if you guys can share some ideas which I can implement in my bot.
Thanks in advance,
In order to get the (Page) likes of the user, you need to authorize the user with the user_likes permission. Without authorization, this is all you get:

Instagram API - Username instead of User-ID

I am trying to get all recent posts of a specific user using Instagram API. I know that I can make a request like this:{user-id}/media/recent/?access_token=ACCESS-TOKEN
That being said, I do not know the user-id of a specific user. I would like to simply use the user's "username" instead of the user-id which I do not have. Can someone please help me to achieve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
There is no direct way to get user photos by username
First make a user search api request:
find the match for username in response and get the user-id, then make the recent media api request:{user-id}/media/recent/?access_token=ACCESS-TOKEN

Twitter oAuth request token C#

I have Consumer keys. I have can't find out who i should request the token. Can anyone give a exampel off how i should to that? And what about the PIN that i get when i trying? Should all users get a pin and the write that in a textbox eacth time they should login/post a update?
I have look at Linq2Twitter, but don't figure out how to request the token.
Thanks for your help guys.
Are you looking to make the API calls yourself, or are you using an already created library(like Linq2Twitter)?
EDITED: here is a link to using OAuth in Linq2Twitter...