Payment system NZ Silverstripe for invoice - payment

I like to create a payment system in my SilverStripe website. It's not an ecommerce. I like that my client can pay their invoice online.
Anyone know a plug-in that I can use like document system with payment?


How to use PayPal for web application just to do payment, not like buying order

Actually I am developing an Healthcare webapplication, which need to have patient payment to their bill. Which method of PayPal payment to use, or how to do payment thro' PayPal.
I have implemented basic PayPal payment using BuyNow button suggest in here. It is working fine, but in PayPal payment page having "Order Summary" before payment, "Thanks for your Order" after payment looking like shopping payment, I googled to change them and failed. Is there any other method for just doing bill payment, which suits my requirement. Or how can I change the above mentioned payment method to my requirements.
Can someone guide me?
There isn't really a way to change major things in that checkout page. Express Checkout allows for a user to sign in to their PayPal account. All it would say is that they will be paying you. Then they would redirect back to your app and you can submit to process the payment.
It's a little more involved of an integration than a simple button but that sounds more like what you are looking for.
The other option is using the Invoicing API.
You can use Paypal Invoicing API which suite your requirement.
2nd and best option is Express CheckOut
If you have something like recurring payment you can use stripe Payment gateways which is quite easy and mostly used in apps.
Your point of integration should be the invoice not the payment. If you utilize 3rd party service, you'll obtain a far more complete solution which will be better tailor made for your Healthcare application. Try this free service:

Call Paypal From Winforms app & PCI Compliance

My client has asked me to integrate my app to take credit/debit card payments from his customers using paypal. I have looked into using the Paypal REST API which seems to do what i need, however my client is worried about PCI compliance and wants all sensitive information to be entered using the paypal website only, and nothing in my app, so has asked me if i can simply open the paypal website payment section, just passing over basic info such as the customers address (who is making the purchase), amount to pay etc to save his operators time re-keying, and then for the operator to continue and fill in just the sensitive stuff such as the long number & expiry dates.
once the payment has been processed by paypal we obviously need to know the result i.e success/fail and any related information such as a payment reference ID, so i can then handle it in my app
is this possible, and if so could any kind soul please point me in the direction of an example so i can get going? i've had a look around and cant find what I need
I'm using VS2010 VB.NET but anything in C# I can easily translate
many thanks in advance
Unfortunately that isn't how Paypal work's, although you could integrate it in an Asp.Net application. If you did want to do it with Winforms you can use a LinkLabel to point to a PayPal BuyNow button email code. You could use the standard browser control or start-up the default browser with the link.
There are also different API's as well, not one is the same...
Adaptive Payments
The Adaptive Payments API allows merchants and developers to pay almost anyone and set up automated payments. They can create applications that manage payments, payment preapprovals, and refunds. They can also send money peer-to-peer, split payments in both parallel and chained models, accept guest payments, and schedule disbursements. The Adaptive Payments API works on multiple platforms including the web and mobile environments. Product Details...
Button Manager
Use the Button Manager APIs to dynamically create, manage, and edit large numbers of PayPal Payments Standard buttons. You can use the Button Manager API to manage any button you can create in your PayPal Profile. Product Details...
Express Checkout
Express Checkout allows merchants and developers to minimize the number of steps customers must complete when they checkout. Customers using Express Checkout pay on PayPal's secure site and return to the merchant's site to complete the transaction. It is designed for merchants who don't have an Internet Merchant Account for processing credit and debit card payments. Product Details...
Mass Pay
Merchants use the Mass Pay API to send money instantly to up to 250 recipients at once. To send payments to multiple recipients, merchants only need the recipient's PayPal account email address, the payment amount, and the currency code. Merchants can manually upload a file listing payments or create them programmatically using the Mass Pay API. Product Details...
Payflow Gateway / PayPal Payments Pro
Payflow is secure, open payment gateway. You can choose to have PayPal host the payment pages or have total control over the payment process. Payflow allows merchants to choose any Internet Merchant Account to accept debit or credit card payments and connect to any major processor. It also lets merchants accept PayPal and PayPal Credit® (formerly Bill Me Later® ) payments. Product Details...
PayPal Payments Advanced
Accept credit cards, PayPal, and PayPal Credit® online with PayPal Payments Advanced. This all-in-one solution offers an embedded checkout that keeps customers on the merchant's site and an Internet merchant account from PayPal. Plus, it's PCI compliant to help merchants manage their credit card security requirements. Product Details...
PayPal Payments Standard
PayPal Payments Standard (also known as Website Payments Standard) allows merchants to add payment and checkout buttons to their website by simply cutting and pasting HTML. Merchants can use the buttons to securely accept credit card, debit card, or PayPal payments. Product Details...
Recurring Billing
Recurring Billing is the automated, flexible billing service that can be used with the Payflow Gateway. It allows you to bill customers on a schedule, reducing the hassle of manually processing regular payments. Whether it's an installment plan, membership fee or a subscription service, you can make sure you get paid regularly and on time. Product Details...
Recurring Payments
Monetizing your app through subscriptions, freemium or pay as you go models. With recurring payments, you can bill customers on a regular basis at intervals that you choose. Product Details...
Website Payments Pro
Website Payments Pro enables merchants and developers to accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments directly on their website. Website Payments Pro also includes Express Checkout and Virtual Terminal. Add-on services like Recurring Billing are also available. Product Details...
Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution
Website Payments Pro Hosted Solutions offers merchants a way to securely accept credit and debit card or PayPal payments without capturing or storing card information on their website. Payment information is collected by PayPal using an inline frame.
Please visit here to see more related information.
I would recommend you look at HttpClient, as the class provides a decent way for C# code to
send HTTP requests and receive HTTP responses from a resource
identified by a URI
You do not mention what version of .NET you are using so you may need to upgrade.
Your client is right to highlight the PCI issue, but without more details on your application and its use decent advice is difficult.

How do I retrieve a PDF of an invoice in QuickBooks API?

Using IPP.NET SDK v2.0.1, need to get a PDF version of an invoice as a file, just like it would have been e-mailed to a customer.
I have the Invoice object retrieved from the service already.
How can this be done?
Is is not yet supported in QBO V3 API service. This feature should be included in future API releases.
Attachment is not same as what you are looking for. But still, you can have a look if it serves your purpose.
This feature was available in QBO V2( it is deprecated now).

Retrieving list of Amazon Payments taken for orders within date range

I need to write a program that imports payments taken via amazon for items we sell on the Amazon website into our system.
According to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service site i can get this information:
Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) is an integrated Web
service API that helps Amazon sellers to programmatically exchange
data on listings, orders, payments, reports, and more.
However, i can't find anything about this at all. None of the client libraries appear to have anything about retrieving a list of payments.
How can i get a list of payments made via amazon, preferably using the Amazon Marketplace Web Service?
Based on your comment to the answer provided by fmr, I would suggest that you use the MWS Orders API to get "current/live" data.
Using the ListOrders request with the OrderStatus parameter set to Shipped will give you a list of orders that have, for all intents and purposes, been paid for (not exactly, but read on).
When an OrderStatus is set to Pending the buyer's payment instrument (ie. credit card) has not yet been approved by Amazon and the order cannot be shipped. When the status moves to Unshipped the payment instrument has been approved and the order can be shipped. When the order is shipped and the seller (you) have confirmed the shipment, the buyer's payment instrument is "charged", the OrderStatus is set to Shipped and the funds are available in Seller Central for you to disperse. The dispersing of funds is when you actually get the money (well, in 3-5 business days).
Settlement Reports are generated every 14 days by Amazon and can't be scheduled. So, to get around this you could use the above technique to see the account activity based on the items you've sold.
Using MWS, you can programmatically retrieve the settlement report which is produced monthly by Amazon. This is the same settlement report that you would download from Seller Central. The report type you're looking for is: _GET_FLAT_FILE_PAYMENT_SETTLEMENT_DATA_ (for the CSV format).

How can I receive payments from my nopCommerce shop? [closed]

I am evaluating the nopcommerce open source solution.
The setup was incredibly easy. The shop was up and running (Local server, for now!)
But then I am confused.
When the user will purchase a product from my shop, how will I receive the payment?
I searched a lot in order to setup my credit card/accounnt/paypal information in the Admin area, but I couldnt find anything...
Can some one please help me with this?
You need to sign up with a 3rd party who takes the payment and then transfers the money into your account. You then enter the details provided by the 3rd party into the relevant settings under Administration -> Configuration -> Payment -> Payment Information. If there are not relevant settings you can write your own payment provider for the payment gateway of your choice.
Check Administration -> Configuration -> Payment -> Payment Information
You need 2 things: a "payment gateway" and an "online merchant account"
The payment gateway is a third party system that transfers the money from (usually) an HTML form to your bank account.
The online merchant account is requested by your bank in order to receive online payments. You will normally deal with your bank to obtain one. One exception to this rule, is Paypal, which is a payment gateway and also acts as a bank, therefore it handles everything for you.
The most common payment gateways are: Worldpay, PayPoint, SagePay, Authorize.Net, and many others. It is different in every country.
Once you have chosen your Payment Gateway, you set up NopCommerce to integrate with it to display a form, sometimes an iframe, or a redirection. If NopCommerce does not support your payment gateway, you can download one from a third party or get someone to develop it for you.
I have used 2checkout as they are an existing payment provider.
nopCommerce has a plugin Architecture, that allows you to create the code for a specific vendor (Merchant processor) They have several European vendors already built, you just download them and install. It comes with plugin already, if you choose them, you up and running in a matter of minutes. Look under DOCS" on the nopCommerce website for more info on creating a plugin, its not hard if your a .NET programmer. I am going to dump my Merchant for just because its easier, and they all do the same thing, accept the cc and transfer the money to you for a fee, and basically they are pretty much all the same, unless your doing a risky business (porn) then you have to find a merchant who will accept those types of charges (normally at a higher rate)