Shopify: how to retrive shipping and payment methods using shopify_api ruby? - shopify-app

I have built a shopify app using shopify_api generation and I'm able to create products. Now I want to list shipping methods and payment methods. Is there any possibility to achieve this? Please help me we are stick in that. We are trying to build an app like Advance Cash On Delivery app.
Thanks in advance.


Twitter bot that checks for a specific users tweets C#

This is my first attempt at writing a bot. What I am trying to do is to have the bot check for a tweet but a specific person and look for one of 2 key words that they have tweeted. My preferred language is C#. Any help with how exactly I can go about this and/or links to appropriate articles/tutorials will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance...

How can I make a new order/transaction done through the API show on the Square app

Online I allow customers to order, this causes an Order With Line Items to be uploaded and associated with a Transaction - that works great, exactly as I had hoped. The problem is that there is no notification on the Square App to let my operators know that there is a new order that has been paid.
As of right now, I have the workaround of texting the workers, but I feel like there should be an easy way to push this up to the app - what am I missing? Is this possible?
I am not using an online store, just the API. Thank you.
Unfortunately, sending order confirmation to the Point of Sale app from an API payment isn’t currently available for Square’s API.
We are constantly improving the product based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your thoughts with the API team.

What is the use of requestflow.cs in paypal sample

I have to integrate PayPal in one of my projects. Can someone explain to me the use of Requestflow class they have used?
Why do we need to track the request flow?
What is the need of adding guid and session?

Dynamically add in-app products (non consumable) in itunes for specific app

We are using consumable type of product items, which are having same price tier. But apple rejected the same and apple suggested us to use non-consumable product type.
Now, we want to add non-consumable product dynamically when any item is added in to content management system. can we add product to itunes through our own system? Please help us to achieve this.
Thanks in advance
Apple has not provided any such API till now to upload products manually. So, We have to add all the products from iTunes Connect manually. There is not other alternative. :)

How to add a credit payment to QuickBooks using C#

I am able to transfer bills to QuickBooks using C#.NET (and QBFC), but I would like to send credit bills. For example, I would like to be able to make an advance payment. On Screen, I have to change the type to credit (not bill).
How can I do this programmatically?
I found a way to fix this. If anyone know any other solutions, please update. I used IVendorCreditAdd & IMsgSetRequest.AppendVendorCreditAddRq() to create credit payment